DIY Fails and Wins (You Decide)

Have you ever done a DIY project. We sure have and they can be fun, save you money and make you feel good in the end. However, sometimes people doing it themselves does not turn out how they think and they were left to innovate a bit or just call their local handyman. Hopefully, this is a fun reminder for you that sometimes a local handyman service can be of service to coach you along on your DIY, fix your DIY errors or just do it for you (There is not shame in that). On the left, we have compiled DIY fails and the right DIY wins (On a phone it will be mixed), you decide.


Is this how it’s supposed to be Installed?

CharlesIsaac / Via

Someone doesn’t know how to use a tape measure…

oldyMadness / Via

Who really needs more than 3 inches of your kitcken drawer…

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Well that’s one way to do plumbing…

KristinaKristina / Via

It made putting in that new sink a whole lot easier…

TNIPress / Via /

At least it has good back support…

TNIPress / Via /

Let us know next time you are taking on a do it your self-project and feel it may be a little bit jimmy rigged, sketchy, not going to work or above your pay grade give us a shout and we will see what we can do to help you. We offer affordable handyman services in the Rexburg area from fixing your DIY errors, fix your kitchen sink,  put a new toilet seat on, build a table or anything else you may need.

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