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Fix’en It Las Vegas provides Las Vegas, Nevada and it’s surrounding areas with a quality, trusted and local handyman services to help you get your home or business in tip-top shape

Handyman for You

Looking to do some work around home? Don’t want to bring in specalizest, or have to many od jobs, a handyman is what you need. We are your Local Las Vegas, Nevada Handyman provider who is here to take care of the simplest to more complex jobs that can be found around your home or office space.

Home Repair for you

We solve all of your handyman needs from changing light bulbs to painting and more complex home repair needs like drywall, plumbing and more. Let us get started as soon as possible on your home repair project.

Local Handyman Service

Don’t wait for that small improvement project to turn into something more or not happen at all. Have Fix’en It Handyman Service Provider get you and your home or office the care it needs. We are your top Las Vegas handyman repair choice. 

Fix’en It Las Vegas

Handyman work is what we do, and Las Vegas is where we do it so give us a call or shoot us a message to get started on your next home repair or handyman project today! 

Don’t have the time, experience, desire, ability or know how to tackle or finish that home or office project? Fix’en It Las Vegas is your local handyman service to take care of any and all of your home, office or outdoor handyman needs. We offer a variety of handyman services in the Las Vegas area to handle your repair needs, from something as simple as changing light bulbs to more complex home and office repairs we can take care of your next repair project.


Fix’en It Las Vegas

Are you still not sure we are the right fit? Give us a call, shoot us a message and we will be sure to get ahold of you as soon as possible to answer any questions you may have about your next home repair project. 

Remember we do almost anything you need to be done for your home or office:

  • Electrical repair and installation (So you don’t get shocked)

  • Painting (You scuff it up and we paint over it)

  • Assembly (You buy it and we put it together)

  • Installation (You buy it and we put it in and hook it up)

  • Repair (You break it and we fix it)

  • Plumbing (You plug it and we fix it)

  • Remodeling (You want something new? We make it)

  • Commercial Services (Do you have an office? We can fix that too)

  • & More 

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